Who Am I?

In short, I’m a Christian, husband, father, and engineer. I’m thankful for my amazing wife who inspires, supports, challenges, and encourages me. I am blessed to be the father of four children who bring me joy! I'm a software engineer, and I’m currently writing a book on how computers work. I enjoy playing and arranging music. I'm a fan of hiking, retro video games, reading, Star Wars, and drinking tea.


I have passion for technology! My family bought an Apple IIGS when I was a boy, and on it I began to learn about computing and programming. Later, at the University of Tennessee, I majored in electrical engineering with a focus on digital systems. After college I began a software engineering job at Microsoft where I worked for 17 years in various roles, from debugging the Windows kernel, to developing "Fix it", to leading a team of engineers who built diagnostic tools and services. For a few years I partnered in a small business working on mobile apps, and I work on various software projects on the side.


I’m currently writing a book on how computers work! My goal is to create content that explains the foundational pillars of computing in a way that anyone who is curious can understand.


I play alto saxophone, and I like to arrange music for my family to play together. I also enjoy playing recorder, clarinet, and Venova. I’m working on my guitar skills!